Friday, August 13, 2010

walking blues

I never thought that walking would be such a chore but it is for my little baby girl :( The poor thing walks a few feet and falls alot. We have noticed when she first starting to walk in her walker than one foot always went inward, but as she has been walking on her own the last 4 mths it hasn't improved. The pediatrician stated that this was common in twins since they are all scrunched up, and if things didnt improve by the 18mth appointment that she would refer us to a therapist/podiatrist to see if there is a need for correction. I hate having to wait, cause I see her struggle whether in shoes or barefooted, but I guess I'll let the professionals do their job for one more month but after that...Mama takes over!!! I have inquired about Early Intervention to see if they will want to see McKenna earlier than the ped is wanting. All I know I want things to be corrected either on it's own or with some therapy prior to her going to school. I just hope things work out cause the child just gets so frustrated when she falls, it's heartbreaking! My son on the other hand can walk with no problems in fact he is up and running now. So other than that things are pretty good.

My sweetie is doing his army duty now and has been gone for almost a week, I have to say this time around it's not as bad but I still miss him. As for juggling the twins on my own, it's been pretty interesting at times especially when they both meltdown, but overall we are doing good. The kids are even now wanting to go swimming at the neighbors pool, before they didnt want anything to do with it, now we have to watch them cause they want to just jump in. Tomorrow will be our Zoo day, I know the twins will be okay just hope the animals there at the zoo will survive. :)

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